Are You A 'Snooze Button' Junkie?

One-of our visitors submitted a demand... "how do you getup early each day without striking the snooze button?"

When reading this demand since I can simply connect with this matter, I chuckled. I confess I also am a 'sleep button' fan! I thought I'd developed a remedy for this problem by adding my alarm clock across the area. My reasoning was that once I had been up, I'dnot want to go back to sleep...WRONG! I hit on the snooze button jump-up after which gleefully jump right-back directly into my nice comfortable bed. And, I'll get it done more often than once! I am aware it is a crazy routine. Oh, and the way, my clock about 15 minutes ahead of the precise time in addition!

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I decided when the viewer and that I are both experiencing this matter, then you will find additional 'snooze option' fans within our community.

All of us realize that this can be a routine and practices can be changed - IF we choose to do it. It takes 21 times to improve a habit. So just how do we have a habit from interfering frustrating, or awkward into actually developing a new practice for ourselves? Don't you feel better if you make the decision to alter and actually do it?

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